What Types of Insurance Does Your Small Business Need?(2022)

You’re the proud owner of a small business. Congratulations! As you continue to grow and expand your company, it’s important to make sure you have the proper insurance in place. But with so many different types of insurance available, which ones do you need? And how do you know which company is best suited to protect your business? In this post, we’ll break down the most important types of insurance for small businesses.

Cyber Insurance

When you’re running a small business, it’s important to have the right insurance in place. But with so many different types of insurance out there, it can be tricky to know which ones you need. One type of insurance that’s particularly important for small businesses is cyber insurance. This covers you in the event that your business is hacked or experiences a data breach. Cyber insurance can help you recover from a cyber attack, and can also help protect you from financial losses. So if you’re not already covered, it’s definitely worth considering cyber insurance for your business.

Insurance for Non-Owned or Hired Autos

You may need insurance for non-owned or hired autos if your business uses vehicles that are not owned by the company. For example, if you hire a car to take a group of customers on a sightseeing tour, you’ll need to have liability insurance for that vehicle. Non-owned or hired auto insurance can also protect you if you’re using a vehicle for business purposes and you get into an accident. This type of policy can cover the damages to the vehicle, as well as any injuries or property damage that occurs as a result of the accident. So if you’re using any type of vehicle for business purposes, it’s important to make sure you have the right insurance in place. Contact your insurance agent to find out more about what policies are available to you.

Professional Liability

If you provide a professional service to your clients—like accounting, law, or consulting—then you need professional liability insurance. Professional liability insurance protects you if a client sues you for negligence or malpractice. It can also help cover the cost of defending yourself in a lawsuit. So, if you’re not sure whether or not professional liability insurance is right for your small business, talk to an agent. They can help you find the coverage you need to protect yourself and your clients.

Your small business needs 📂 LIABILITY INSURANCE!

Employment Practices Liability

When it comes to insurance for your small business, there are a lot of things to consider. But one of the most important is employment practices liability insurance. This type of insurance protects your business against any wrongful accusations of harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination. Even if you think your business is run perfectly, you never know what could happen. Employees could make a false accusation, or a disgruntled ex-employee could try to take you down. That’s why it’s important to have employment practices liability insurance in place. It can help protect you from costly legal fees and settlements.

Employee Benefits Liability

You might be wondering what types of insurance your small business needs. Well, employee benefits liability is one of them. This type of insurance protects your business from any legal claims made by employees. For example, if an employee is injured on the job, they might sue your business. Employee benefits liability insurance can also cover things like wrongful termination and sexual harassment. It’s important to have this type of insurance so you’re not left footing the bill for a lawsuit if something goes wrong.


Every small business is different, so you’ll need to talk to an insurance agent to figure out which types of insurance are right for you. But generally, most businesses need liability insurance, property insurance, and product liability insurance. It’s important to have insurance so you can protect your business from lawsuits, property damage, and product defects. And don’t forget to ask about discounts if you have a good driving record or if your business is a member of a trade organization.


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