Hiring an Offshore Accident Lawyer in 2022

If you or a loved one has been injured in an offshore accident, you should contact an experienced maritime accident lawyer. Many offshore service companies and oil companies have experienced attorneys on call, but you only have one chance to get compensation. It is important to hire the right attorney to represent you in court. The attorneys at the Duck Law Firm have decades of experience in maritime litigation, so you can be sure they will listen to your story and understand the details of your accident.


Jones Act

Hiring a knowledgeable Jones Act offshore accident lawyer is vital if you are involved in an offshore accident. The Jones Act gives injured offshore workers better compensation than they would receive otherwise. Injuries can happen on a vessel that is shifting or is located on the continental shelf. To obtain the best possible settlement, you must first determine the type of injury you sustained. The following are common offshore injuries and how you can determine whether you have a case.

Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act

Under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, maritime employees are covered for any injury or illness caused by their job. Under this law, medical costs, loss of earning capacity, and physical pain and limitations are covered. Additionally, the act covers travel costs for treatment. Longshore workers may choose their physician, including a surgeon, podiatrist, dentist, clinical psychologist, and optometrist. Families of longshore workers may also be eligible for compensation if their loved one was killed on the job.

Welding accidents

Welding is a dangerous occupation that can result in a serious injury. Among the dangers involved in welding are exposure to fumes, electric shock, and explosions. However, the hazards do not necessarily decrease underwater. Indeed, they are often increased. Fortunately, there are laws in place to protect workers from welding injuries. Listed below are some tips to help you protect your rights and pursue a lawsuit if you were injured while welding.

Poorly maintained equipment

Offshore work can be extremely dangerous, especially when it involves heavy machinery and working in the middle of the ocean. Maritime workers are at risk of severe injuries due to weather conditions, long hours, and improper equipment. Additionally, workers are subjected to the danger of fires and explosions. These factors contribute to the high risk of injuries, and an offshore accident lawyer can prove negligence on behalf of a victim. Listed below are some of the most common causes of offshore accidents.

Negligent employers

Hiring a maritime injury attorney is essential if you have been injured on the job. An offshore accident lawyer will be able to determine the compensation that you deserve based on the circumstances of the incident. Most workers’ injuries are covered by their insurance policy, which means that the insurance company will cover injury damages, without the need to bankrupt the employer. You need to be honest with your offshore accident lawyer when filing a claim.


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